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Game needs NG+


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Platted the game about an hour after midnight today and absolutely loved the game as a whole. Looking forward to the first major story DLC in January, but here's hoping they release a patch that includes NG+, kinda like how The Witcher 3 included NG+ in its final free DLC.


Anyone, have any news on whether Ubisoft has confirmed or denied they will or won't include NG+ at some point?

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This game needs a bit done to it. On a technical/design level I was kinda disappointed with decisions.




Mission Replay


Easier way to farm money and xp. I thought it was trollish that Arena events only award full xp once. It made gaining ability points for those wanting a fully upgraded Bayek a pain in the ass. Thankfully Anubis can be farmed for xp at the moment. Otherwise you're stuck with 20-30xp per kill needing well over 10,000xp. (Around 15K?)


The Legend should have the option to show which icons you want up. Pretty sure previous games had this feature.


Stat tracking page NOT connected to the damn Ubisoft Club page.

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