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PSNP Interviews: CjShai. Submit your questions

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It never ceases to amaze me how immature some people can be. It's an interview not a roast. Stop dwelling on the past and strive to have a better future. Anyway, time for some real questions: 


- You've competed in many trophy competitions in the past. Which one was your favorite and who is your favorite person to compete against? 


- You have one of the largest backlogs I've seen from active members on the forums. How do you decide what to play and when/what platinums you will go for? 


- Who is your favorite author and what is your favorite book from said author? 


- What do you do for a living besides play VNs? :P


- And finally a stupid question about charity because :blah:.


Good luck answering all the questions that have been sent in @CjShai. I look forward to reading it when it's posted. :)

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