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Can you get the "trolling" trophy during online conqest?

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23 minutes ago, IDiivil said:

I don't see why not. I assume the warlord counts as a captain. Still, it would be easier to kill a random weak uruk for the trophy.

Well I've been trying that, the captain either dies before I get a chance to do it or there's no ologs around. It's been a pain

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I was having a tough time with this and found the Overlord option difficult due to the chaos mentioned above. I tried repeatedly with Captains with 'Gang of Ologs' but the Ologs kept dying too soon. Eventually I:

  1. Made an Olog Captain my bodyguard.
  2. Found a weak enemy Captain and brought his health really low.
  3. Called my Olog bodyguard and headshot him to mount.
  4. Mounted and kept running into the enemy Captain while hitting square to swing at the right moment. 
  5. Rinsed and repeated until the enemy Captain was dead.

It seemed like the Olog bodyguard didn't always like the second headshot/mount but if the enemy Captain heath is low and the level difference is large enough one mount should be all that's needed. Hopefully that helps.

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