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Do I realy need the VIP pass to play online?


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So I was about to buy a second handed copy of Dirt Showdown and Noticed that it was one of those games that has a single use online passes. But I read here that maybe I don't actually need it (although this was a forum for the 360 version). And since the game was removed from the PS Store I'm not sure on what to do...

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Only now noticed this..


You need the VIP pass to play online, and actually is still possible to buy the VIP pass through the ingame store, I and a friend got the game in January and both were able to buy it from the in-game store. 


Both of us are in EU related regions as far as PSN store goes.


And we didn't started the game on our main accounts yet, since we are boosting Dirt 3 first and after finishing the online side of Dirt 3, we will move to Dirt Showdown. (that's why this trophy list isn't in my profile).

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