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On 03/04/2018 at 11:05 AM, NefariousDreamer said:

My game has completely crashed on me multiple times. It says that the game is corrupt, so i re-installed the game (twice) on my PS4-Pro and my current issues revolve around playing for either 5-10 minutes and then i get the game crash, or i get a solid 2-3 hours out of it and then BOOM i get the same issue. It really frustrates me because as i am just about to get into the game and get tunnel vision trying to plat it my progress is suddenly stopped short! Always been a huge fan of FC games, but it does get to the point where they seemingly getting quite lazy at avoiding these problems from the get go.


*Update. After having all these issues on the game, i have recently discovered that if you turn off your internet connection to the PS4 then the game runs a hell of a lot better. The game does crash still, but nowhere near what it has done for me in the past. I had a look on Google for issues like this as well and apparently it is down to the games' statistics etc being uploaded to the Ubisoft servers. If anyone else has been having this problem - i hope it helps! 


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Fun game but I've had 3 glitched missions so far...

John's Region
  • Close Encounter's (no 4th object to pick up)
  • Valley Armed Convoy (never triggered)

Faith's Region
  • Broken Path (next wave never comes)

I'm really hoping a patch comes that will allow me to 100% each area, I really don't feel like starting an another whole play through to do it. But I guess if the new patch doesn't fix Close Encounters for me, I won't have a choice if I want platinum. Guess I would copy my save and do that quest then delete the new save and put my old one back so I don't lose my unlocks.


Another glitch happened when I jumped out a window and fell through the ground and after falling for awhile, died. When the game loaded I was still falling and died again and again and again. I had to completely reload the game to get out of the loop.

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Only time my copy of the game glitches up is if I lose connection to the internet when playing. After a while, it’ll just completely freeze up and I can’t do anything except quit out of the game, which annoyingly also leads to the game crashing. 


The last time it happened, instead of freezing up a “please wait” loading screen came up overlaid over my hud and I had no choice but to watch my character get burned to death by a flamethrower guy until I figured out that I had lost connection again. 


But yeah, the whole online statistics thing is what’s causing bugs for me.


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