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does raising your light over 300 help in the first raid?


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I have 0 knowledge of Destiny 2 but in the first one soft caps for raids were 365 and 385. I would assume it's about the same ? meaning that yes - light level does matter. Who knows tho, maybe these groups needed someone with a raid experience?

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Prestige Leviathan is hard-capped at 300. You receive no power level advantages entering Prestige Leviathan beyond 300 light. For instance, a 385 Origin Story will do the same damage as a 300 Origin Story in Prestige Leviathan. BUT, bringing in recently added DLC gear like the Whisper of the Worm, Perfect Paradox, and/or Sleeper, will probably provide an easier path to producing efficient damage for many players.








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On 20/8/2018 at 1:12 AM, jamaicanchampion said:

I have been kicked out of 3 prestige raid groups just because I am light 353. Some people tell me that light after 300 is pointless for the first raid on prestige and others tell me that you have to be 380 to do the first raid on prestige and not be carried. So which one is it?


The second group of people who tell you that you need 380 of Light Level to complete the Prestige Leviathan, they have no idea of how the game works. 


With 353 you give and receive the same damage that other player with 405 with the same gear as you.


Repeat: "With the same gear as you". It is possible that they have OP weapons or good armor sets of the endgame.


However, you are more than capable to do the raid. So, do not worry.

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