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KHIIFM not reading my saved data

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1 hour ago, linkdevivo said:

Do you have ps plus? maybe you have a backup in the cloud, if nothing else works maybe you could try to download it.


Yeah I tried that. I suppose the date got corrupted or something. I may just skip KHII and move on to BBS cuz the introduction of KHII is really boring

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22 hours ago, linkdevivo said:

dude you only completed the prologue. I'd say to start over and just skip cutscene. The Roxas episode is less than 25 minutes when you skip all cutscenes and know what to do. Don't skip on the best game in the series.


Thank goodness for that skip cut scene option. I have played KHII a couple of times before this collection but there's way too many cut scenes that have nothing to do with the plot. I'm going to continue playing through KHII before moving on to BBS.


22 hours ago, WatertownsFinest said:

is the save the same region as the game? i game shared a lego game from an EU account and it wouldnt take my US save despite having the same list and everything. dunno, just a thought 


It's the US version on disk, no digital download. My KH1 and CoM saves are completely fine but something happened with the KHII save data one way or another, so I just completely deleted it and started over.


22 hours ago, N3xmach-ina said:

Is it.....your save file?


Yeah, it was a corrupted save file I guess. I was reading around that there was some sort of save big on this collection for KHII but it has been apparently patched. Maybe I ran into a different problem


19 hours ago, zeit86geist said:

first time i hear about corrupt savefiles on KH2

like @linkdevivo said: don‘t skip out on II, skip the cutscenes and continue with your  journey. 


That's what I plan to do. Thanks for the replies guys!

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