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Critter Crazy - Glitched or new Requirements?

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So I am not sure if the requirements for this trophy have changed or if it just glitched on me.


The guides all reference 9 animals, but there are now 16 in the game. 15 common animals, of which 7 are variants of the fox. There is then 1 rare animal which only spawns once you have reached 95% happiness in all regions (which will be a pain in the ass I you would need to search around for, and plant trees, in all the planting spots).


In any case, I have all of the base animals, including 2 fox variants, and no trophy. I don't have Grass Fox though, I got the Silk and Soot Foxes. Maybe the trophy only unlocks with the Grass Fox?


So does anyone know, do you now need all 7 fox variants in your farms? Or do you need to get the rare animal now?


Or did this just glitch on me?


I will try later to go back around and get a Grass Fox, then a second of each animal into my farms, but if anyone who recently played this can comment, that would be great.

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4 minutes ago, reckscollie said:

I only adopted 9 animals in my playthrough. And adopted one of each type, the ones on the images in the trophy guide. Are you sure everyone got registered and went inside he pen afterwards?


Yes, I'm 100% sure I have them all. I went back around the farms and can confirm all the animals are there.


It seems the issue is the Grass Fox - I don't have that specific variant, I have Silk and Soot Foxes. Apparently the trophy will only pop with a Grass Fox, and the 8 other animal types. I will try this tonight and post an update. Seems like a silly criteria, but an easy enough fix if that is the case.

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So, I can confirm that the issue is you must adopt the Grass Fox. Although there are 6 other Fox species, none of them count. You also don't need the rare animal that spawns at the end. The trophy is quite misleading in this case. I assume the additional animal types were patched in later.


Thanks to @Cassylvania


I will tag @RizzleAbbey12 on this post, as it may be helpful to add this clarification to the otherwise excellent guide.

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