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Come & Get Your Gold Trophy


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For those that don't know, Goki's Room/Fear of Bugs is a VR game that was created when one of the programmers of Escape From Bug Island on the Wii lost a batsu game & was locked in room & tasked with making a VR title only to be let out upon completion of said title. What resulted was this brief but amusing experience.


If you're having trouble with the 50000 points trophy, watch this video. The second playthrough on the video shows you how to do it. IIRC I got a different 3rd event but it was enough. Seems to be important to look to the side during the cockroach rain, & do your best not to laugh too hard when the cockroach covered person runs in screaming hysterically.



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And the trophy is full of bugs and random sound clips and a guy who stands there screaming out as he dies to bugs and you stand there doing nothing. The drugs I took last night were for pain right not lsd or something made in china right that makes this kind of crazy crap happen right?


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