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The Three R's


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I have problem to trigger the (Select Achi 15.30 and "That Guy" from Time Chart. Upon reaching the "shirt") to happen .

If any one can point out what i need to do that would be swell,i have done everything up to that including all endings and the epilogue leads to the True End.



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I got Mean Clean's story and the Three R's trophy even without unlocking the bonus content stories...  However Cry For Help wouldn't trigger the :r3: 'mini-game' ... I enter Minorikawa at 17:35, choose second choice A Common Name 2 then B for [ Nakamura ]... waited for more than a minute (we only need to wait less than a minute) and nothing happens. Alessandro Mori has a video for this and mentions the Golden Bookmark which you'll get for unlocking all bonus episodes/content.


As for the OP, the Mean Clean scenes have to be in order.  Had the same problem of the jumps not appearing until I realised I skipped Kano.  The order should be:

15:30 Achi - shirt

16:00 Maria - scene of the explosion

16:40 Kano - South Hill

16:40 Osawa - mystery

17:05 Achi - side of the road


But since the shirt jump is the first one to deal with, this might have something to do with the jumps from Suzune Maria ] and Canaan [ Achi ] scenarios/episodes - they have to be triggered even if the jumps are shown as ❌.

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Honestly, unlocking this scenario is the worst part of the game by a mile so it's a good thing it's sequestered away in the postgame anyway. Genuinely, how is anyone supposed to figure out how you even start this thing or then where to go to advance it? That you need to get all 85 bad endings and then complete both normal and true endings for their bookmarks and then watch the Suzune/Canaan bonus stories is theoretically fair enough (though the bad endings one is unintuitive enough already) but then having to to go through those specifics jumps in that specific order with, as far as I can tell, no actual clues of where to go, when or for who? I'm not asking what to do for it. I know that. I'm asking how do you know to do that in the first place? 

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