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Chapter 10

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I'm completely stuck and I have no idea how to progress. I need to build the bumper for the car to break the rocks for the story.


But I don't see how to get to the southern part of the map where the parts are. One side is blocked by a convoy then the other side has quicksand and I don't have an engine that allows me to go through.


I was really enjoying this game and the story and everything but this just feels like awful game design to block you from the story like this. I'm probably just missing something small but it's really obnoxious I have to get parts in an area of the map I don't know how to get to.

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14 hours ago, P_Pigly_Hogswine said:

To get rid of the convoy you need to visit he small village to the west of the windy road in the northwestern section of the map.


There is an old man there who will give you a side mission to clear the convoy.


The quicksand and boulder upgrades I haven’t found yet but I’m also only up to Chapter 8

Ok cool that should hopefully allow me to get the parts then!

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