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System crashing

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 So just wondering, how many here are having the CE-34878-0 system crash in this game when doing any story related or priority missions?.


 When doing the vipers den pt.2 

And another priority mission.  Something to do with bandits lol.


Just wondering if anyone has an idea to a work around.


Already re installed game. Havent re-tested. But ya would like to progress more into the game aside from doing side ops till i get into war zone. 


Thou only lv 20 xD

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7 minutes ago, HuntingFever said:

This game is notoriously buggy and crash prone, thus all you can do is wait for a patch :(.

Very true -  It was crashing left and right for my friend when we were playing the Tutorial stages ~1st 10 missions, I think they got to lv 12 before quitting 
I have been following alot of this on the Neocore forms, even before the PS4/Xbox1 launch, - And saw the Forums riddled with bug reports for the PC launch.

sad thing. Aside from Space Marine warhammer 40k - This is the only Warhammer i can think of that isn't a broken Mobile port, such as Warhammer quest and Death watch (They just put out a new Physical copy for 60$ >_>  seen it at the local Ma n Pa shop i go to.

The video games are like the cheapest way i can get into the universe, xD as Figurines are ... Eh... Abit much, ~  60-120$ for a staring army and players hand book Lol

Was just hoping Maybe someone who's tech savy would have rigged a work around >:P

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