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Zoologist, Skin Deep + 100% Completion enquiry


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Just wondering if anyone knows If 100% is needed in the compendium for each Animal, I am currently in Guarma Chapter 5 and have successfully tracked, killed and skinned each animal listed by @EphemeralEcho, however most of the animals show as 70-80&

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I haven't confirmed this either and I don't know how reliable this source is, but a comment on a guide says that the chapter 5 animals do not count towards this trophy.


"It has been confirmed by a few Trophy hunters who have gotten the Trophy that the animals ARE NOT NEEDED FOR TROPHIES SKIN DEEP & ZOOLOGIST.... Although they DO COUNT and can add to your total achieved, which affects the Social Club percentage. If you easily collect some of the sankes and birds here, that means you can save yourself having to get some of the rarest animals on the mainland. This is because the Guarma animals take their space instead and give you their credit."



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All reports from those who have unlocked the relevant trophies state that:

1) 100% compendium completion (where you have a "100%" listed for every animal in the compendium) is not required, you just need to track and kill every animal once,

2) the animals on Guarma are not necessary. 


However, it is the general and current theory that any tracked and skinned Guarma animals are added to the in-game counter for the trophies. Therefore, if you track and skin one animal on Guarma, it gives you breathing room to not have to track and skin a rare animal on the mainland.





(If I am wrong please correct me!)

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2 hours ago, PoisonJam7 said:

You say track and kill, but birds can’t be tracked AFAIK. Obviously they don’t leave tracks seeing as how they’re in the sky and all...so I’m guessing for flying birds it’s just kill and pluck.


He probably ment 'Studie' and 'Kill', and then skin if possible.

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