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Small Question About Items


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Okay, I got this game for Christmas (I asked my sister for it and she ended up getting it for me, Game of the Year version too), but I am wondering one thing.  The DLC in this, does that have any extra items I would need to obtain for any of the trophies? Such as extra rings or anything along those lines? Or did the DLC only add in extra areas with extra bosses?


I mean, I will attempt the DLC area as well when I start the game up, but figured I'd make sure it didn't add in new rings or other stuff like that that would be tied to the trophies in the main game (as in, you have the DLC, you need to also obtain something in there to count towards a trophy in the main game).

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22 minutes ago, danceswithsloths said:

they added in new items, but none that are necessary for the trophies


definitely recommend the DLCs, they are awesome.

Ah, thanks for that, answered it in a way that I understood essentially, as in, the answer I was looking for :)


Yeah, I have the GOTY version, so the DLCs wont be a problem at all to play through :D

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