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Not able to earn trophies on blank accounts?


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13 minutes ago, JackyIsMad said:

For some reason, i am unable to earn trophies on blank accounts, i used to be able to do this no problem and try out games before adding them to my list, but for some reason no trophies are popping on blank accounts, has anyone else had this problem, and how did you solve it?

Are you getting any error messages or anything? I actually just read this earlier today because Im finally about to start this game. It might be the same thing youre experiencing, but Idk:





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i guess i could try that, and yeah  i can earn trophies just fine on my main account, i ussually use blank accounts to keep real hard or grindy games off my main until i finsih them, or give up, lol, so im worried that this doesnt work anymore, has anyone tried earning trophies on a blank account, maybe a recent update made this not work anymore?

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