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Level 3-7 help


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Cant remember exact name but it is before last planet of 3rd galaxy.


i cant figure out how i can beat this level. Those shield and poison tree are very annoyed and the level require me to dash only so i can't use yellow guy to beam them out. When i use purple guy dash to destroy them. It drain my health real fast and i didnt have enough health to go through all these tree because there are so many of building hidden in them.

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On 30.12.2018 at 8:20 AM, FielVeredus said:

Got it...


for those who came across and stuck like me. Take it slow and try to avoid forcefield while casually dash carefully not spent too much gauge.  Boost defense and go through those tree try manage not empty your gauge. With some patience it will be done.

Is there anyhow you can use shield while you boost? The trees do way too much damage. Maybe you cant use boosts/perks and smash the green crystal, and then boost?

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