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Vanilla Destiny Platinum


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Hey there me and my friend started playing Destiny 2 without any DLCs or prio knowledge to the franchise, currently looking for others who are trying to do the same, at the moment trying to beat the nightfall strike (270 power) and then to beat the leviathan raid at 300. Anyone interested in playing or grind can add me ShadowWalsh thank, if anyone has any tips and ideas on how to quickly get to 300 light level I would greatly appreciate it!

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I did 300 light and just after that bought DLC:s, because they were very cheap in Black friday. It will really take some time even If you play every day to get 300. You can easily get lvl 265. After that its gonna be harder. You can only level up by doing milestones/Daily and weekly challenges. Like Nightfall strike, daily crucible challenge, Flashpoint etc. And those challenges reset every week at Tuesday. And If you can get somebody who owns DLC to help you daily heroic missions (320 PL recomended) you can get 300 littlebit faster. But ofc getting 300 depends which planets these activitities are. Flashpoints and Daily heroic missions can be at DLC planets at some weeks too. Use Destiny 2 mobile app to find yourself a fireteam. Sometimes even random guys with DLC:s can be kind and help you through Nightfalls or daily heroics.

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It took me a four months of constant grind to reach level 300. This light level was enough to beat Leviathan on normal, still don't have a platinum though - need to beat the Prestige one. Obtaining all the trophies except The Leviathan would take at the very least 60 hours, I guess.Reaching 300 requires you to do weekly and daily tasks for a few months, brace yourself - it's a long and boring road. All the trophies except both Leviathans are pretty easy, but overall this game is not worth playing for trophy hunters, in my opinion. My advice - get all the easy trophies, and then either drop the game or continue grinding weekly challenges to reach 300 and beat Leviathan, if you really want it. This game is designed to bait you into buyng DLC's, without those Raids are even more tough, Leviathan is pain in the ass in you're on 300 light level. Moreover, most of the game "annorachs" won't allow you in their fireteam for Leviathan without DLC due to your "low" light level of 300, so be ready for that.

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