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A few tips on Dive in 25, getting it on 2019


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The guides available detail this trophy probably as it was at the time. These days getting this one is a royal PITA.


I'm assuming no further updates will be done to the LBP 2 game and its servers, so perhaps this will be the normal way from now on. Boosting this is extremely difficult, the chances you'll be paired with your boosting partner(s) are extremely slim.


You have to choose "dive in" from the menus and usually when you're able to succeed you'll get on someone's pod. Try to convince them to play a level or go to creation mode. Either will net you a dive point... hopefully, as sometimes even if everything went fine it doesn't count. Guides will all mention 10 secs, I'm absolutely sure 3 I did with around 30 secs didn't count. Considering the time it takes to get one possible shot, don't risk it stay at least 1 minute there. Also guides mention that if the host plays multiple games each count, I tried this a few times, it never did, only the first. One of the plays I did 5 normal levels (these work too, no need to be community ones) with the host and 3 other players, just quit at the sixth as the lag was awful and we just kept dying, only counted 1.

Last the guides also mention that if the players follow you to your pod and you play a level it counts again. I did this twice, it didn't, only got the point for playing their level (or being at their creation mode).

You can't check your progress on LBP.me, it takes sometime to update stats there, check in the pins in your game.

Most players will refuse you, game will abort dives, most players you'll find are kids who just stay in the pod, several players have extremely packed levels or pods which will make the connection drop or the game crash, this thing is a nightmare.


Took me several hours just to get the crappy 25. Starting from a new save will reset counter to 0, no matter how many you have on LBP.me.


Just deal with this one ASAP it will probably only get worse.Hope this helps others struggling to get this one.



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Been wondering if reverting to the vanila, unpatched game would let you use the pre-patch "connection lost" trick.

(Dive, the game shits itself, run to one of your short created levels, mess around for a minute or so before finishing it, get a +1 on the counter)

Or does the game force an update if you try to dive unpatched?

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Got trophy yesterday.


Well, it's not something you can achieve in 1 day. You need to be patient, at the pace of 3 per day you can do it across few weeks.


When you dive in and you end up in pod it's ok even if you stay in the pod for quite a while before starting the level or going to create mode.


There are still enough players to join, the problem is that the majority of them won't start anything as you join.


I personally didn't stress myself with it, I just dived in for half an hour per day, then moved to something else and tried again later. Got it in a couple of weeks.

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This is the only online trophy left on my alt and boy do I regret not going back and doing this. 


As the TC mentioned, I ran into brats sitting in pod making idiots of themselves, people who refuse to let you join, and sometimes nothing happening for 2 minutes and having to try again.


This is all too familiar of LBPK. The Dive In there was horrific and seems LBP2 has fallen to that level.


TL;DR: Get this trophy out of the way first. 


Edit: Currently at 20 Dive Ins. This trophy can take up to 5-8 hours. I've had a lot of issues with it such as getting kicked, profanities thrown my way, having progress not count, people restarting levels and voiding trophy, kids idling, and I'm pretty sure I was flirted with by what I assume are obnoxious kids.

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