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Help on Alpha Mission

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I'm trying to complete Alpha Mission on Arcade and my god, the Boss Fights are crazy ridiculous...

dodging all of the scattershots is fine, but the homing shots are so ridiculously numerous and sporadic in the later Boss stages like 7 that i can't move quick enough to go around or dodge them...

was hoping for any type tips or tricks that anyone knows since if you die, you have to replay the whole stage...and i'd prfer not to have to use the rewind over and over and over...

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I'm at Area 06 currently and just had to save and call a quit there tonite.  The game is insanely frustrating to the point that I almost threw my controller into my tv. I play alot of shumps but the fact they made something so convoluted just to give you power ups (which you still might now even get) is about absurd. If the rewind feature wasn't a thing I almost wouldn't see anyone completing the game expect like the top 0.01%

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