Pandemic is still bugged.

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Just a heads up, the pandemic trophy regarding the 69 collectible cards in the game is still bugged. Does anyone know a fool proof way to avoid this other that backing up your save every 10 cards or so and constantly checking the accuracy with the title menu category? I didn't know if anyone else knew some little trick that helped them, I read about the 5 second rule to make sure the game "registers" that the card has been collected and I followed that as best that I could. It's such a pain to get all the way through the game and being meticulous that you don't miss any, for the trophy to not even pop, and voiding the platinum. I even suffered through that terrible voxel runner trophy, after like 20-30 attempts of quitting out of the game and restarting. If anyone is curious, my final tally according to the in game menu was 67/69. I have no way of knowing which 2 the game claims I missed, although I hear the ones in the "dream" sequences are the most glitchy. The other issue is this kind of game not having chapter select, which then would require a whole other playthrough in order to get the trophy, and even then, it's not guaranteed that the trophy won't bug during the new playthrough.


Despite the way this message may sound, I thought it was a fantastic game, and a big step up from Layers of Fear. The world building in a game that is so enclosed (Entire game takes place in an apartment building) is phenomenal and I think the story would make a great movie. I just don't think I want to replay it for one more trophy to platinum when I have so many other games in my backlog and I'm not even guaranteed to unlock it.


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I am in the process of finishing the game and all of the collectibles.  When I pick up each card I make sure to hold it and spin it around a few times.  I then back out and check the collectible stats.  If it shows as being collected, I write down the collectible as being collected, the number of the card, and I make sure to back up the save to a flash drive and then move on to the next collectible.  This seems to be the only sure way of making sure this trophy stays on track.  


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