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"Hard Boiled" buggy? Missing secondary objective in Mission 18


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Recently I started to go for 100% in RUSE. Everything is done now, except the "Hard Boiled" trophy - missing only one secondary objective in mission 18 (Blood'n Guts). There are three hidden objectives (see guide). The problem is, it's impossible for me to unlock the "Protect Priest Allies" objective because it's always hidden. Videos and friendly people from this community show/said the priests just spawn at a given time. But not for me.


I tried everything:

- building Artillery-AA-base, building priests

- building Artillery-base, not building priests

- building only bombers and fighters

- playing like a retard (failing to react to the enemy, losing many units)

- playing without patch

- playing on a fresh install with/without patch

- playing on a different console

- playing with few units so there are at least 8 units available when the priests should spawn (it should be 8) so I won't exceed the limit


I recorded one try so you could see what's going on (sorry for the poor image quality): https://youtu.be/BtcJjQ82TfM

Did anybody encounter the same problem? Do you know how to fix it? Tips, what I could try?

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So... I tried to do a little more digging, and I noticed that in this video, the player doesn't get the objective of protecting the priests right after the cut scene telling you to capture von richter's base. Instead, he gets the notification "protect the priests" later than normal, and right away a few seconds later it says "objective completed". If you start watching the video at 12:40, you can see that there are NO priests but he still completes the objective. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49rK8TXbTmQ


However, in most other videos on Youtube, you will see the priests spawning from the bottom right of the screen and move into the middle right where the paratrooper reinforcements drop. 


I know this doesn't really help, but I just wanted to point out that this particular objective sure seems to be buggy. For me personally, I did NOT get the notification "protect the priests", but I did complete the objective even though there were NO priests. 


I'll keep looking some more. 




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Thank you very much for linking this video. After playing the mission for 20+ times without getting the objective, I watched it closely and noticed, he got the objective as soon as he captured that armor base in the east (14:30 in the video). Did the same and the objective appeared. Finished it by destroying the tanks in front of the HQ and at the winning screen the trophy popped. Finally!


Thanks again for your help! ?

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