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Starting From Scratch - Questions


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So I want to make this game my next project but I am not sure where I should begin, particularly with Gold Rush. I completed the main game last year but since then my hard drive got fried so I lost my save since it wasn't backed up. With Gold Rush, is it practical to get 70 Gold medals during my "first" play through or should I hold off until I beat the game once. Any other tips to make this platinum as painless as possible? Thanks.

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Gold Rush is most likely easier if you do it using the "reload save" method during your first playthrough. I did it via mission replay and I did not find it particularly hard though.

I used this great guide for hand-picking and replaying missions: https://gamingwithabyss.com/2018/10/25/red-dead-redemption-2-gold-medals-guide/


Be aware of couple missable trophies. "Lending a Hand" seems to be not missable because of a glitch (or perhaps an intentional mechanic) that allow you to earn this trophy via mission replay.

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