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The vendortron outside the gun runners facility will always interface with you regardless of what happens to the soldiers patrolling the premises. Additionally the vendortron has 8000 caps, making it an ideal merchant to sell items to. You can fetch about 3000+ caps by killing the surrounding gun runners and looting their gear (combat armor, gun, helmet.) They'll respawn after a few days, so you can rinse and repeat this tactic as much as you like. Happy hunting, wanderers.   


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To take this a step further, once you get exactly 35,000 caps, go to the tops casino and trade them in for chips. Drop the chips on the ground out of your inventory (you know this will work if you see a negative sign in front of the dropped chips). Then pick them back up. This will allow you to trade them in an unlimited amount of times in exchange for about 30,000 caps per trade in the casino. 


I did this and earned over 2 million caps in ten minutes.


Also, you can get to level 50 without even leaving Goodsprings. Look up the speech challenge exploit at the beginning of the game. I didnt do this since I only found out after I completed the quest that it would work.


I've already beaten the game before, so I have no issue using these glitches.



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