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So this is the 100% ending right? The game says you need to apprehend 7 of Gotham's Most Wanted before I can activate Knightfall Protocol (ie, complete side missions)


My "New Game 1" has all side missions completed except for the Riddler collectables.


My "New Game +" I've just finished the main story as the trophy guide said, and ignored all the side missions.


Does Knightfall Protocol have to be in New Game +? Or can I unlock the Riddler trophies and return to New Game 1, apprehend the Riddler and then activate Knightfall Protocol?


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You need to do every side mission in the base game, including the Riddler collectibles and fighting and capturing the Riddler himself.


I did the story first then did cleanup on the side content. The game will show you what you need left for Knightfall Protocol.


"New Game 1" would be better. I just did "New Game +" for the one silver trophy for beating the story once more.


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