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About the Life is strange 2 data transmission progress from Life is strange save data (only for those who played the life is strange 2 and complete it)


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Hi everyone. 


So I have a question about the data transmission of the save data from the life is strange 1 to the life is strange 2. 


When the sequel was announced I heard that the game will do a data transmission from the previous game and the story will continue from the last save that you've made.


And when the physical copy of life is strange 2 will come out I going to get it but my question is if I played the game on the ps3 instead of the ps4 version of the game (the save data is in my main account & connected to my main square Enix account) does the progress from that save data will be transferred to the ps4 version of the life is strange 2 that will be played on my main ps & square enix account or that I will need to play that game again and choose the same choices that I've made in the ps3 version of the game. 


Thanks everyone for the help.

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*Spoiler Warning for Season one* I see no one answered this for you so I’ll answer it, your choices don’t carry over, when you start the game it’ll ask “Did you decide to destroy or save Arcadia bay” and you’ll choose. That’s how they’ve made the “choices” swap over. 



Hope this helped.

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I'm glad this was done instead of an actual game save carry-over. I chose the opposite of what I decided in LIS1 and so scenes at Chapter 5 kinda seems to be a happy one for some old familiar dude... DonTnoD could have used this opportunity to rewind if you asked me, by giving cameos to familiar faces who can make that change possible.

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