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Is this game hard to platinum or just tedious / time consuming?


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On 5/12/2020 at 2:33 PM, Sitodine99 said:


I killed everything. I killed until I couldn't find anyone else in the labyrinth (there is an archer and a ghost with a hammer that always respawn... but no one more) I have given it as impossible. I will try it in another new game. I notice that if I die the skeletors around the shield change, sometimes one is formed, sometimes two and sometimes all of them. It's supposed that if I kill one special skeletor that one is formed around the shield, but it's not happend to me. Not sense.

I had a similar problem and accidentally found a solution, do you have a save to go back to?



I noticed there were a couple enemies that were almost invisible and you are unable to lock onto them.  I d killed a couple and finished the dlc and killed everything i could find, and no luck with the shield.   I went back a day later with the plan to kill everything in one run, heading back to the crystal to heal and replenish.  About 10 enemies in from the start i ran into one of the special enemies that looked like it spawned randomly, as i did not see it there when i was trying previously.  I had just replenished, and it was the first enemy i faced.  It almost killed me, so i went back to replenish again, and all the skeletons around the shield jumped up.  Definitely the trigger.  I think its a random spawn, and you just need to leave the area and come back to get a new spawn site.  Also previous special kills are counted, so as soon as you find 3 its done.


Only the 2 class trophies left for me. and not tedious yet.  I think it was a great effort from D13 for where they were then, and the birth of the soulslike which is no bad thing.  I d tried it on pc and abandoned before the commander, but this time its gone really easy(ng+ golems excepted), and a lot of secrets and obscure side quests.  I m happy i picked it up again.


Update.  I opted for NG++ and it was easy peasy, glad i did that rather than a ng.  Details with spoilers



NG++ took about 4 hours, ran past most enemies with invisibility.  Stopped at the 3 AP chests and grinded the 8 AP each on all three playthroughs and the empty potion bottles to 30.  Judge Glitch and done.  Its really a short game.  Use the Poison gauntlet to make the glitch work best.


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Little late to the party, but here's my impression of the game's time to platinum:

It's not the hardest platinum for a Soulsborne-like game but it can take some time to get it though I never found it tedious (don't have it yet, but I'm on my way).


It takes you 3 playthroughs to get it and if you clear 90% of trophies (excluding DLC but it is easily completed in your first playthrough if you follow a guide) in your first playthroughs you should be able to 'rush' through NG+ and NG++ (or NG+ and then start a NG again because the final boss on NG++ is ridiculous...) without ease since the only thing you need to do basically is kill all bosses until you reach the final boss without side missions, scavenge hunts or trying to complete all other trophies.


So is it tedious? 

No not really, unless you hate replaying a game for a total of 3 times which in my opinion is doable for a Soulsborne styled game. Since all Dark Souls games also take you 3 playthroughs each to get the platinum trophy but take double the time the guide for Lords of the Fallen says it should take you. 


Is it time consuming?

Depends totally on how much time you spent in your first playthrough. Like I said above, if you manage to get 90% of the trophies (all voids, all treasure chambers, all proving grounds, all armor sets, all audio logs and some other miscellaneous trophies) in your first playthrough you're going to have a breeze playing through your second and third playthrough and they shouldn't take you longer than 10 hours each to complete. Just make sure you get all 3 different ending trophies and the platinum is as good as yours!

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In my opinion:

Is not easy because normal people would die several times on the first boss. This kind of "soulslike" games are not easy.

Overall, compared to Dark Souls, Demon's Souls, The Surge, etc, it's "not that hard". You just need to do 3 playthrougs, and the game is only like 4-6 hours each time. If you know what to do, is short, quick, and not that hard.

But people confuses "not that hard" with "easy, not hard at all". This is not a Disney game, this is not a game that a 8 years old child could finish, it's a soulslike, and that means, you often die for 3-4 strikes from the enemy.

On NG+ I farm more than 1.000.000XP. Right now my character is more than 1.000.000XP needed for getting 1 attribute point, and on NG++ if I miss something, I can be killed by random enemies.

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Got 100% completition and the platinum today.Bloodborne and Nioh were a good gym for me.Probably people who said this game is easy played like myself the other 2 games.Compared to them Lords of the Fallen is easier but for new player with this genre can be a good starting point.I have fun and i used an agiity build even in ng+ and ng++.I can image how OP can be with rage a strenght build.Only Antanas in NG cycle is tough.If i like the game multiple playtrough don't bother me but make me enjoy even more the game.People should give it a try.It's not a triple AAA(Bloodborne run for 30fsp)games but i found the variety of bosses and enemies fun and enjoyable.

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