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How well does this play?


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I need to get round to writing up my review :) 

It's really good. It's by the same team who did Planetbase, the survival game set on another planet. 

This game is all about building up your colony whilst surviving the winters and enemy attacks. It's quite easy at first, with only basic survival needs required, but it eventually brings in bigger beasts to slaughter and opposing colonies who will attack you and wipe out your men if you've not got good defences.

I've not really looked at the trophies whilst I've been playing so I'm not sure how challenging things will be, but if you like games such as The Settlers or Age of Empires, or even their previous Planetbase game, then you'll like this one. There are a few sandbox stages, the campaign and some 'mission' scenarios as well - plus they've recently added a bunch of new buildings and mechanics into the game.

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