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Snapshots difficulty. Medical, and solitary

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Even with extensive testing - and some input from the dev studio - it's hard to pin down the exact requirements for the snapshots.


You need a medic to treat a prisoner so try to encourage discord that might result in violence. You need a prisoner in solitary so set your punishments to solitary then run shakedowns or encourage misconduct again. Indoor and outdoor cells both work.


More importantly, have only one doctor and one small block of solitary cells so you can focus your attention on them. If you think you've missed a snapshot, quit right out of the game and restart it.

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Had some issues myself with some snapshots so did some forum searches. Came across a post which fixed my issue of snapshots not appearing.


Not only do you need to restart new prisons for more snapshots to appear, but you should also completely turn off/restart your PS4 between each new prison attempt.


Soon as I did this I got the last three snapshots straightaway no issues. 

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