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grainy graphics =(

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bought this game upon hearing good reviews, and so far i do like the game but holy crap the graphics look like im playing Lollipop Chainsaw. Is there anyway to get this grain look off the screen. On pc there seems to be tons of options to remove it and get it clear. i dont see any fixes for ps4. Im playing on a 75 inch 4k tv with ps4 pro. I think i might have to download it on my regular ps4 and play on my 50 inch 1080tv and see if that helps? Even buying this game at half price was not worth my vision lol. This should be a $10 title tbh

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The Film Grain filter is my 1 major issue with this game (that and the laughably bad sex scenes), because it makes everything look like an early PS3 title but you can't turn it off :(. Changing TVs won't make the Film Grain look any better, because I've got a 42inch flat screen TV and it still looks terrible. I only paid £14 for this game and it's well worth it at that price but it should always have been a budget title and not a full priced £50 game, because there's simply not enough content to justify such a high price.

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