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For Freaky Awesome players and anyone interested:


I have played Freaky Awesome since 15th August 2019, at first I was playing as MagnnaCentipede (my NA psn account), got confident I would be able to plat it, then I switched to GravityQueeen which is my main profile, started from scratch and reached 1st spot on the psnp leaderboard. I already knew that "Matters of the Heart" would be, well, complicated. At the time no one on this site had a hard trophy called "Adrenaline" and, if I'm not mistaken, this one had the exact same rarity of "Matters of the Heart" on psn. But, after that, I found out "Matters of the Heart" is very, very glitched to say the least, or, less likely, its trophy description could be misleading. It says: "Complete the Viscera Location". But the trophy won't pop in your 2nd playthrough (when you already got the Viscera location unlocked by beating the game once), neither in your 100th playthrough, it won't pop even if you do a 100% run killing every single enemy, visiting all rooms and collecting 100% of the items like I did.   


Is this trophy obtainable? Well, I think it is. On psn the statistics show that 1.2% of players unlocked "Matters of the Heart" and the platinum. My guess is that only the developers from Mandragora hold the platinum, maybe a player not registered in trophy hunters websites got it, I don't know how but someone got it. One thing that comes to mind is the possibility of hacking, I mean, I wonder if the mysterious owner of "Matters of the Heart" have hacked it. Would it be possible? Aren't hackers usually members of trophy tracking sites? Because, damn, Freaky Awesome has only a few owners here and probably didn't sell well.   


I contacted Mandragora by e-mail months ago, never was answered. I tried inumerous things to unlock the trophy until I got burned out of it. I could list them eventually in this post, and include valuable info of anyone trying to plat Freaky Awesome. I know this post is kind of a miscellaneous one, but I'm tired of pursuing this alone, especially now that I see players with 90% of trophies both in NA and EU versions. Maybe the small playerbase can unite and eventually figure out "Matters of the Heart".


These links and e-mails might be useful:


Mandragora support page:

Freaky awesome steam page:

 Mandragora's e-mails:  [email protected]    /   [email protected]  


Thread update (10/09/2020)


I have changed the thread title to "Unobtainable plat" so the community gets warned properly and I also have disregarded the second paragraph. Now I am 100% sure that Matters of the Heart is glitched/unobtainable; according to psn someone has the trophy, I have no doubt it was hacked. Freaky Awesome never got a single patch since launch, Mandragora gave up on it and doesn't answer anyone on the foruns and on social midia, which is a shame because the game is good, it had potencial to be great if it was more "playable". If in the future this game doesn't show up in my trophy list it is because I will have hidden it, but I think I wont, maybe.


If anyone out there is crazier than me and decides to go even further, here goes the promissed list of things I have done trying to unlock Matters of the Heart, unsuccesfully:


  • Beaten the game on insane difficulty with two players local coop.
  • Beaten the game killing all enemies, visiting all rooms, collecting 100% of items (read About 100%ing Viscera Location).
  • Beaten the game on another psn account without dying at Viscera Location (without unlocking Devoured Alive).
  • Completed ALL challenges, including the Labyrinth one, which is probably the glitchiest thing I have ever faced, so lagged, I had to use frequent save file backups.


About 100%ing Viscera Location: when you complete the first Viscera Location stage, the result screen will say you missed some coins, but it happens due to a glitch, these coins doesn't exist at all. I got to the Viscera Location with max bombs, tried to explode every single inch of its walls, hoping there was a secret room, and nothing. And even it there was something, it doesn't mean the trophy would unlock, I no longer think the trophy description is misleading, it is just a glitched, impossible trophy.



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game's on sale, shame... thx for the heads up


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