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Stupid DRM..Can you buy a game you already own?


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Does anyone know if it is possible to buy a game twice or somehow buy/change the licence?


Let me explain, I have a game I want to buy but it is already delisted from the store. However I already own the game since I downloaded it on PS+ years ago. However I want to own it, not have PSN decide how many days I have left before disabling it from my account.

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As far is a know, even if it wasnt delisted, you wouldnt be able to buy it, becausr PSN says you already own it. You would have to let your PS+ run out and only then would you be able to buy it. 

It seems to be the same with EA acces. If you download a game from there, you cant buy it anymore (for example if you plan to discontinue your subscription but want to keep a game, and you want to buy it now because its for sale right now...) 

Or is there a way around that? 

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