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The console edition version of this game just appeared on the store. Does anyone know if that means you can play without vr? 


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Yes, you can play without VR and it doesn't support VR.


All Trophies are the same as the PSVR Version, the "Dazzle" Trophy is not included.


You can use the Full Trophy Walkthrough, found on Youtube.


Tip: Some parts are annoying, always spam L2 for Auto-Aim and switch the Laser by pressing Square, at the final Boss.


*Trophies are currently offline only.*


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Immortal Legacy is quite easy, there are some frustrating parts, like the tentacles.

The Campaign is short and very liniar, you can complete a playthrough in 5-6 hours while doing every trophy in the same run.


Some Checkpoints are blocked off after passing an area, this means you need to collect every Mini Maze Box ASAP, missing one can result in another playthrough.

If you die or reloading a Checkpoint, make sure your opening the Mini Maze Box again.


The final Boss is really hard to beat, without the use of Auto-Aim, so make use of it.


Edit: A Magnum is on your left, before cutting the Rope-Bridge. The Submachine Gun can be found at the burning Airplane, after fighting some Tentacles with an MG Turret, the Shotgun lies on a table, before you open the 2nd Code Card Door.

Other Weapons: Nailgun, Assault Rifle, AK47, Uzi, Handgun, Minigun (Boss), Laser (Final Boss).


Molotov's: Keep a few with you, its great against "molded" enemies.


Crashed Plane Puzzle: Down, Left, Up, Right (it might change).

Chain-pulling Puzzle: 1st Motive | 3rd and 4th Motiv until they match.


Tentacle Sewer Boss: Shoot him with the Minigun until he collapse, once he's low on health, wait for him to spawn at the hole where you found the Minigun, let him come out far enough and start shooting.

Otherwise your ending in a loop, where the Boss retreats and the water kills you.


First Trophies:

Fall of the Cliff at the starting area, after collecting the first Letter.

Focus on Headshots and 40 kills without dying.

Cut the Rope-Bridge with both enemies on it and take the lower path and the right path after the camp, climb up the ravine.

Evade all Mines and take out not more than 7 Mines (you can crouch under some Mines).

Plane Puzzle.

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Hi ! So they share the same trophy list or it's a new one ??


Yes indeed, their is a new list. 

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