"All In" trophy oddity.

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Just a heads up to say I may have found something previously unmentioned about this trophy.


The trophy requires you to play 3 hero cards in the same round and also win the match.


I played 2 consecutive games where I had 3 hero cards, played them in the same round (also both instances were in the 3rd round), and won both matches, yet I didn't get the trophy.


Then I noticed that, in both cases, I had a Mysterious Elf spy card, which leads me to believe that only hero cards with a point value, played on your side of the table, count.


For those wondering, there was also a case where I had an opponent use a Mysterious Elf card on me, and I used 2 hero cards, won the match, and that didn't work either (which further adds to my above point).


Hope this helps. Happy gaming. :) 


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Yeah it worked for me with 3 number hero cards. 10 10 15 


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