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Scarf not carrying over after beating the game?


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31 minutes ago, ZeromusF4 said:

Just started a new run. I can go to the hub area. Any chapter I select only has my scarf at 1 length. Any ideas?


You wont keep your scard. However, if you collected all "secrets" you can pickup the white scarf in the hub world, which is significantly longer than the base scarf, and will auto regenerate energy.

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On 4/20/2020 at 11:04 AM, Sarah-Kimochiii said:

i dont understand how i collect the glyph in the downhill zone if i have a small scarf now, must i redo all glyphs from beggining ?

Each playthrough you collect glyphs to grow your scarf for that game.  However, you only need to collect each glyph once over the course of your journies to unlock the white robe.  You can see which ones you're missing in the chapter select area.


The downhill section is a bit difficult to describe and there are actually multiple glpyhs in that area.  If you have a companion in a white robe or full embroidery, chances are they'll pick up the glyphs in those sections and you can just follow them.  I'm sure there are also video guides for all the glpyhs as well!

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