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Massive Difficulty drop


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I found Persona 5 Royal very easy, you can get the platinum easily as well since they made the trophies so easy compared to the the vanilla game. 


As for difficulty, I played on normal and found it easy for a JRPG, especially when you compare it to normal difficulty on games like Kingdom Hearts and FF. However, the solution to finding it too easy is to simply just raise the difficulty level....


Safety mode is basically some kind of god mode, made for people who just want to focus on the story and social side of persona rather than spending time with battles and crafting good personas. I like both so that's why I just played on normal, I think Persona games do need a lot of planning though, if not a walkthrough to max all the social links due to the way the timing in the game is. 


I did find the battle against Lavenza really hard though, the twins are also not easy. Although there are no trophies for these like the vanilla game, they are the main challenge that the game offers. 

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Can you guys not do thing without trophies? Persona 4 is just even easier a game (No weakness jack frost with megido + resist phys before the first real boss) it just has a more annoying trophy list. Would you have been happier if Royal had the exact same list as 5 but instead of 200 lines from futaba you need 201? That would make it harder wouldnt it? or does that not make it harder in the way you want?

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