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Not on my watch trophy MLB The Show 20


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41 minutes ago, Enmy12345 said:

Best way to get this trophy? 

The way I pulled this off was I found a roster that had 1 team that was all made into 99 overall. You must have throwing meter on as well. I went up against some random AAA or AA team and adjusted the baserunning sliders to adjust their speed and whatnot. You can sim your at-bats, then sim the pitching to where bases are loaded. Just pitch down the middle and keep hoping you get the opportunity. I barely got mine by like a fraction of a second. It all depends on how deep the ball went and how fast the baserunner is. 

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I just missed twice yesterday. It seems the best results come from hits to right field. I've tried runners on 2nd and runners on 3rd. I've tried goading runners into taking that extra base, but no dice so far. It should come, but it's a bit frustrating. 

Last trophy i need for Plat 100.

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