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PS3 Disc Issues, Please Help


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Before I start I just want to say I don't normally do forums or boards on this site or in general so I apologize if I have put this in the wrong thread but I am in need of help. My PS3 is having issues with discs and I would appreciate the help in identifying the issues and advice on what I should do to fix it.


Firstly my PS3 is old, I've had it since Christmas 2011 and have never had an issue with it before until now. Just over 3 months ago when the whole COVID-19 thing started I was watching 1917 on Blu-Ray as I just bought it. Naturally there were no issues however when I watched it the next day I got to the menu and then it started to get stuttery. It has not worked since on Blu-Ray but the DVD of it works fine. Same thing with Little Women it worked fine the first time but after that nothing. Heck that didn't stay as when I tried to watch both Mortal Kombat Legends and Scorpions Revenge and Justice League Dark: Apokolips War they would not play at all but every DVD I have put in works.


So naturally I'm suspecting that the laser for the Blu-Ray is starting to go if it hasn't already as when I moved over to games I got mixed results. Some would work like God of War Collection while others like Uncharted 3 and Beyond Two Souls wouldn't. While games I've purchased from the store work fine like Mass Effect, Killzone and Crysis. Just recently I stared to play inFamous 2 because I heard the UGC was hit or miss on working and I wanted to get the 4 online trophies needed before it shut down. So over the last 5ish days I've been playing inFamous 2 and the only problem I ever encountered playing it was once in a while an I game cutscene would unexpectaty end and I would be right back into gameplay. However just over an hour ago I tried to go back on to finish my good/hard playthrough and the disc would not work. I've kept the disc in the system and over the last 5 days it would start up no problem, except for now. It makes the reading noise, the eject sound is made but the disc does not come out and then it makes the reading noise again before stopping.


So I know this is a long read and I thank those of you barring with it but I would like to get this fixed. Like I said I'm pretty sure the issue is with the Blu-Ray laser being dead and needing replaced but I described what happened for you in case it might be something else. But I would like advice or input on what to do next. The way I see it in an either


A. Take it to an electronics store or repair shop and hope they can fix it but don't know how much that could cost or if it's worth it at this point on a nerly 10 year old PS3


B. Find out exactly what model of Blu-Ray laser is used in my PS3 and order a new one and attempt to fix it myself, the only cost would be the part which I don't know how much but I also don't know if I might wreck the system opening it up and replacing the part


C. Buy a new PS3 and just transfer all my data over to the new system. I feel like this might be the best. But where does one find a brand new at least 250Gb or higher PS3 system for a decent price


D. Another option I'm not thinking of


So yeah, again sorry for the length and thanks for baring with me. I'm a serious gamer and I use my PS3 system nearly everyday for either games, Netflix, DVD/Blu-Ray player or YouTube so this is affecting me so any advice on what I should do would be most helpful, please help me.


Edit: Just a few minutes ago I thought the game was working again. I turned my PS3 back on and it did the same thing it did before, eject noise but this time inFamous 2 was showing up on the menu, the background thing that comes up when you hover over the disc selection was not starting and I tried to select it but got an error message twice. So I tried ejecting the disc and putting it back in and it seemed to work as the game started up normally. But once the actual game started the sound was crackly and staticky and it was not a problem with my TV it was coming from the game. So I shut it off because I didn't want to risk playing the rest of the game in one sitting on a potentially unstable state. So sadly I'm once again back where I was so please help me with advice on this.

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My Slim 320Gb does this. It makes an eject sound on boot, but the disc doesn't go anywhere. Sometimes it takes restarting the PS3 10 times for it to recognize the disc (or I could eject the disc and insert it 20 times to the same effect).


Replacement lenses aren't expensive, but if you're unfamiliar with the guts of the hardware you may just wanna replace the entire drive. I recently shipped my Fat 40Gb to a place half way across the country for a complete rebuild, but they weren't able to help and shipped it back as-is (Lifetime Services are a joke). At this point in the PS3's lifecycle, if you plan to play it for years to come, just grab a good refurbished model (and quit using it as a BluRay player).

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On 22/06/2020 at 3:27 PM, Helyx said:

My Slim 320Gb does this. It makes an eject sound on boot, but the disc doesn't go anywhere. Sometimes it takes restarting the PS3 10 times for it to recognize the disc (or I could eject the disc and insert it 20 times to the same effect).


My PS3 does the same thing!

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