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Resident Evil 3 1.05 Patch Notes


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On 7.8.2020 at 2:44 AM, Optinooby said:

Why would you buy the unlock the chsllenges to unlock the rocket launcher are so easy 


I meant it like this actually


Why would you buy the unlock ?


The challenges to unlock the rocket launcher are so easy 



On 7.8.2020 at 2:44 AM, Optinooby said:



The DLC doesnt unlock challenges, I dunno where you guys are getting that from, says that nowhere! It DUPLICATES rewards except for hip pouches!!


I agree 90% of the game is almost a joke with RL, but how long did it take you guys in total to do Inferno final boss from 1st attempt to defeat??? (Trial error, deaths etc).


Those of us before, we had played through the game 3 times before inferno, players can potentially do it on their very first run now. Even with RL, gonna be a steep learning curve ;)



And @CloudBahamut, you made a thread here for us to see where you were complaining about how impossible the final boss is on inferno with all your unlocks still.


Im guessing you didnt read my replies above, sure, the DLC isnt necessary, but you do realise that with the DLC you can literally tank 9 HITS FROM FINAL BOSS on inferno whereas usually its only 2 HITS that you can tank. The DLC makes final nemesis a joke for EVERYBODY on 1st attempt!!!


Remember the 8 hit combo which is very hard to dodge, well if he hits you 3 times in a row with it, he stops the combo (it was impossible to know this before). With the coins you can tank 9 hits but only ever get hit 3 times in a row MAX and with the extra recovery coins, you refill from Danger to Full in 15-20secs. With 4 x defence and 4 x recovery coins, you can just focus on shooting final boss without dodging!


Having the weapons early are nice, but the big draw which for now people are missing are the 4 x coins you can get with it!!


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On 09/08/2020 at 0:34 AM, domp4484 said:

Hope someone makes a guide for getting the plat with the dlc ?


I did 1 on youtube, we get plat in 03:06:00 xD


Im currently trying to work a 1 playthrough platinum, but it would be more gameplay/speedrun than a guide!

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