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This is a lot harder than people are saying


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Hey dude i am really sorry to hear this and tbh it is very very disappointing. I am seeing this happening on a lot of games like SMB, Wolfenstein 2 and Trackmania and it is very very sad that people do this, like what is even the point of trophy hunting then? I really wish PsnP had a rule against this, but it would be impossible for them to know who is legit and who is not, unless there were some console or internet ip registration, i dont know. Seeing stuff like this makes me not want to bother busting my ass trying 9 or 10s anymore tbh, even though i have SMB incomplete current on my acc lol, going to have to find the motivation and courage somehow, it really sucks.  I can't believe some people think paying or trading plats and even doing shareplay sessions on skill related trophies they can't get isn't a Cheat. Really bad lol

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On 4/18/2023 at 10:45 PM, Abraniell said:

Finally just got around to finish this monster of a plat and my hands are still shaking and my ass crack still sweating from that last deathless run. This has to be amongst the most underrated plats out there period. The rarity and the fact that is soon to not even be a UR plat will deceive you but do not ever doubt the 10/10 on here since this is one of few games I consider a true 10/10 diff plat (I suck at 2D platformers). The plat is not even in my top 100 rarest plats and that’s crazy considering that it will likely forever stay among my top 5 hardest plats ever.

This is also one of two games so far that have cause me literal physical pain while playing and popping the plat. Soon after hitting the first brick wall in the game, the platinum medal for level 2, I realized that the ligament between my left thumb and index finger was sore I didn’t mind this at first but by the time I finished level 15 platinum the pain was extremely uncomfortable this only became worst by the time I started hitting the platinum times on the speedruns the nail on my thumb was literally purple and I couldn’t stand adding any pressure up against it I was in pain throughout most runs. I’ve just come to the realization that demanding 2D platformers that are only accurately controlled through the D-pad are just not worth the headache. The game however is really good and for everybody who actually got this done themselves you have my outmost respect.


Sadly and very unfortunately the plat nowadays has just lost all of the respect it once had for the community. Don’t get me wrong still most of the players that own the plat are beasts and I really think around 30 of those players that are there on the leaderboards actually got the job done legit, seriously just look at those profiles. But as most of you know now the plat has become a pay to unlock joke.

There’s this unemployed, virgin, secretly Amish asshole going around unlocking the plat for a certain amount of money or in exchange for other games or plats in return. He will literarily ask for full access into your account and do the job for you so there’s not a way to report them as the trophies will pop normally. I really don’t understand how that is not consider cheating but anyway. It’s a real shame truly don’t know what’s worst if the guy getting paid or the “players” that paid him.

As someone who has earned this platinum legit, got video poof btw, but do I really need to say that?(I mean lying about video games, like really, that's just sad if you are yo) I find it personally disrespectful to each and every person who actually earned this plat. 

I don't(imo) consider a 10/10, but I do know it's hard like really hard. Took me 130 hrs almost and 100 of that was spent doing time trials, speed runs and no death run. 

So it about to lose its ultra run status does sing a little.


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