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How glitchy/bugged is this game?

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2 hours ago, Ichiban-Hybrid said:

I certainly don’t remember of encountering and glitches or bugs that will mess up the trophy. Where did you hear about that?



And here...




Glad to see that you guys didn't have problems with it =)


Which model of PSV do you guys have?

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6 minutes ago, Ichiban-Hybrid said:

Yeah I never had an encounter of any bug or a crash in the game. The only time I did have a problem though is online when fighting with other players. I think in rank battles I couldn’t battle anyone because I was using a JP Vita with a US game. But yeah that it. 

The Vita model I used was the PCH-2000ZA14.


That is the slim model, I wonder if the problems are with the fat one...

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