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Returning for 2nd Playthrough (Best way to approach DLC?)


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So I plat'd this a few years ago and never touched any of the dlc. I recently purchased all the extra content during the Summer Sale, and am looking to do a full replay. 


Seems like some of the content is post-game and some looks like it affects the main story.


What is the best way to approach the dlc trophy wise for somebody who already has the plat but is looking to replay the game and do all the new content?

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I think the only thing you should pay close attention to is picking up the files as you go, so that you get as much Datalog completion as possible without sidetracking.


IIRC most of the other trophies are story related and miscelaneous (side mission related) but none is missable. The only main story dlc content is the "July 2017 update" and Royal Pack.


If you have already platted the game, then you can approach the character episodes in any way you want. If you are going to downgrade your game to get the Comrades trophies, then Episode Ardyn should be your last, since it cannot be played in older versions.

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if you're talking about the character episodes, it's best to do them in order of release (gladiolus -> prompto -> ignis -> ardyn). there's no post-game dlc per say, but there is an expansion of chapter 14 (this is the bulk of the Royal Pack), and other QoL changes and quests sprinkled throughout the rest of the game. some events like assassin's festival and moogle-chocobo carnival are no longer available.


basically, replay from the beginning and you should see the new quests pop up after reaching certain story checkpoints. if you decide to jump into chapter 14 immediately, beware your side-quest progress will be reset. the character episodes can be played at any time, really.


and as someone above said, there are some royal pack trophies that require going through the game again to grab collectibles.

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I think if you're already know the main game's story, your best bet for a fulfilling experience is to play the dlc during the game, in "chronological" order. The episodes to be launched separately from the main menu.


It would look like this:

Chapter 1-7 -> Episode Gladiolus -> Chapter 8 -> Chapter 9 -> Episode Ignis -> Chapter 10 -> Chapter 11 -> Chapter 12 -> Episode Prompto -> Chapter 13 -> Episode Ardyn -> Chapter 14


Be mindful tough, that all the dlc episodes have their separate character stats from the main game. For example, Ignis will always be level 30 in his episode, regardless of his level in the main game, and so on.


Everything in the Royal Upgrade or whatever DLC seamlessly blends into the main game, you can just experience that naturally.

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