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Does Someone Know the Dimension's for the Background of Your PSN Profile?


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1220 X 350, Trust me I do it all the time =)

1222x350 actually.

5 random header images:






All are 1222x350


What about the Trophy Card



Profile Picture?.

Avatars are scaled to 100 pixels horizontally. Edited by vivan
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Your profile picture can be any size, PSNProfiles recommends 240x240PX for best outcome.. but as you can see mines is not under that rule.. it was something like 300x600PX before it got scaled down.  But since you aren't a Premium member, you will have to keep them under 50KB.


Also, everyone's giving you dimensions, but you can actually make it bigger than that and it should scale down anyways.  You can keep it under that ratio if you want it to be accurate though.

Edited by TakahashiDemon
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