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Collectibles carry-over on new game?


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As it stands the Gangster comic book collectibles seem to be glitched and I've gotten everything else except the last comic and the Classic difficulty trophy.


Does anyone know if I start a new game on Classic if it will overwrite my collectibles or the tracker stays as is?


I'd hate to do all of it again..

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I have a question on collectibles and miscellaneous trophies post classic completion.. I did my first run via classic so I’ve done nothing before this on any other difficulty.


question is , when I go to options and change difficulty to say easy from classic it warns me about “changing difficulty may prevent you from earning certain trophies”.

Now to be clear , story is completed and I’m wanting to go to “Free Ride” and clean up.. will this reset anything or should i do free ride on classic to be safe ? 

edit: not even sure if difficulty matters !?


Edit 2: never mind , didn’t need it.

I did crazy horse mission on classic for

final car and nothing else

was a problem. 

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