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Do somebody know where is the entrance to the cave with relic on the map X:523.6, Y:730.6 ? I'm walking like a stupid around... there are on the map  two caves one small just with some money in and one on opposite side with lost letter...and there is no way from those to the relic...Also relics around the big hole with a lake on the bottom X:496.6, Y:791.4 how to get there ??? :hmm:

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I have only found the 2nd relic you mentioned. I was searching around that area and found it fairly easy. It's not a big deal if you can't find a relic you only need 60 out of 120 for the trophy.

So far I've been able to find every relic I searched for. Most are really easy but a hand hull have been more difficult to find.

Now that I'm thinkin about it. I got the 2nd relic during the mission where you dive off the cliff into that hole. I wasn't sure what to do at 1st so looked around and swam into a hole in the rocks and followed it straight to the relic.

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