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Where is this game?

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So new DLC trophies were added today. Which brought this game to my attention. I had never heard of the game until now.


So I went to the store to check the price, and it’s nowhere to be found on the UK store. So I tried the USA store, and again nothing. So I looked at the regions people who have been playing it live in. There are a fair few from Germany, so I checked that store. Again, nothing.


So I’m assuming this has been delisted, however that seems a tad unlikely with new dlc releasing. Without a base game on the store, you wouldn’t be able to get the dlc usually. 

I did search online for info, but couldn’t find anything more than a few reviews of the game. So I thought I’d enquire here, see if anyone knows what happened to this.

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A couple weeks back I watched a video where they did a short review about the game. They sported several in game videos about the overall gameplay. For the most part it received pretty good reviews, minus the third person player/ crew battles. There was a moment in the review where the person made you feel like this would be a great game for under $10. I was waiting to see if I could find it half off in one of the upcoming PS sales.

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