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Hard Platinum?


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On 14/09/2022 at 1:39 AM, lordzeze said:

For anyone wondering about the plat before the servers shut down at the end of this month

Thanks for all the information, it was really helpful.


I've made a video with my grinding strategy for efficiency. I talk about things I consider important, in the match, but I've also filled the description with other important and relevant information.

Two weeks until the game dies and the clock is ticking. If you want to get this done, the time is now. It's a very simple and quick game to complete, you can complete the whole thing in just about 15 hours, so the fastest achiever spot (which I've failed to obtain) is fairly doable, just make sure you reserve enough hours for it (which I've failed to do).


Fun little game, feels like the child between Laser League and Knockout City to me. Really glad I've managed to play it before the shutdown, had a good time despite the grinds.


Curious to see where the rarity will land after the shutdown. The plat is only gonna be as rare as the 100 blitz wins trophy, I would assume.

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