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PSNProfile not showing current %completion rate

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Greetings, to ALL System/Site Admin.,


I would like to report a glitch after I update my PSN profile.

I thought it was just a day or two glitch.

but After the update of hidden games not being shown in my PSN Profile

the Actual percentage on the Far right corner is not "In-sync" with my current Trophy Collection.


Currently Am @: LEVEL 9 94% rate

PSNP showing: @ LEVEL 9 85% only


I've noticed that the bronze quantity varies from what is being shown in the Official SONY Homepage for PSN account.

it was 405 vs 417 actual.


Please help.


Thank you in advance,



Here with. For reference.

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RE:  DrBloodmoney


Perhaps I had hid those game trophy collection that has 1,2 or 3 trophies inside.

With the main purpose of not wanting them to be displayed in my collection list.

(e.g Kung Fu Panda LIVE, in which after downloading, I found out that it require PSMove to play.

Immediately DELETE it but couldn't REMOVE the Trophy List in my Account) pisses me off that SONY

hasn't given us option to Delete Trophy List in our account that we don't want to have in the first place.

Sigh...anyway.. Thanks for the input, mate.

let me review ALL my hidden Trophy later tonight after work.  5:37pm over here SIN/HK time. 

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Yeah, what else can we do but be driven in the ways and wants of SONY to their LOYAL customers not to mention..PLUS+ members... sigh...

BTW, I just checked on my Trophy and Yes I did hid some games w/ 'some trophies in it already.
After reverting it back, I did checked back on my Profile and 'woolah' it's now IN-SYNC  :)
  thanks mate.!

And good thing my World Ranking and Local rankings did moved up.! *though, of course, its not even on par on what you had already accomplished in Trophy Hunting.  :D 

Lastly, happy that I wasn't classified as "Cheaters Corner". Since I only used the recent update feature of Sony..to hide trophies/games you don't feel like showing.


Cheers!  #Goodvibes

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