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Can anyone confirm this info?


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i came across a news article that states that the xbox1 will have a hdmi pass through feature that would allow output to another device??


Seems legit for the most part  but i havent heard anything about it until today, can anyone else reaffirm this or is it shenanigans??



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yeah i  heard that too here in PSNProfile, they say something about you can connect any device that have an HDMI port to XBONE, then they say you can play killzone shadow fall on ps4 while it's connected to the XBONE via HDMI........... who cares for a useless feature like that? i wanna buy a next gen console for the games not for it's features and i chose the ps4.

i think they're trying to point out how XBONE will make everything in your living room as " one mind one body! "

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It's there, but from what I heard, it might be limited to specific companies and is limited to 720p. Also, the actual games are upscaled from 720p and/or 900p to 1080p, and there's really bad overheating issues with what they got right now, so if you are going to pick one up, wait for a few years so they send out a model that will actually work.

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