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Torture attack


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What is the most effective way to load up for torture attack? i really dont have a problem with thegames difficulty but now on infinite climax i struggle with this part in the prolog wee i have to do 3 torture attacks (btw i play on ps3) 

i saw a video were someone used the uppercut with the sword to get them readdy pretty fast but i have np clue how to do this. its seems like moving the stick up causes a dash attack and moving the stick down causes the uppercut but in trainingsmode its left and right. in the end when i use it in fight its feels like gambling which of the attacks will be used. i get really anoyed by the combat system

did thing get better in the ps4 version? the camera espacially is a nightmare at some fights

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You aren't penalized for using items in this game, besides forfeiting a higher rating at the end of the level. Just mix up and consume a magic power-up lollipop (Purple) or an invincibility one (Yellow) and that should let you fill up your magic meter quickly. Allowing you to execute three Torture kills.

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