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When shall i do the Mephistopheles quest?


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If you haven't bought any of the spells/miracles for Demon Souls yet, finish 1-3, 2-3, 3-3, 4-1, and 5-3 so that you've got all your souls required and access to all the NPCs required to get the spells trophies. Save Freke, and Yuria, Urbain. Optionally, you can save Biorr too.

Save your file to PS+, buy all the miracles, reload your save from PS+, buy all the spells. Go kill five friendly NPC to go from Pure White CT, to Pure Black CT. I killed the blue guy sitting in front of Boletaria Archstone, the Filthy Man in 2-1/2-2, Graverobber Bilge in 4-1, Once Royal Mistress in 3-1, and the Filthy Woman in 5-1/5-2. After this, go kill Yurt in 3-2. You can kill Yurt first if you'd like, it doesn't matter.

With this, Mephistopheles will appear, and you'll be able to do her questline freely as you've completed your need for the NPCs.

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9 hours ago, ZomBowner said:

I killed ostrava early on, am I able to still get pure black character tendency and still do the quest line this run, or have to do it in NG+?


You can still do the questline, you'll just miss out on the reward she gives you for killing Ostrava. The real (and unique) reward is the Foe's Ring and you should still be able to get that if Yuria is alive in your current playthrough.

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